Eureka Sidewheel Paddle Steamboat
San Francisco Maritime N.H.P.


Huge, Vertical Piston
Huge, Vertical Piston

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Huge, Vertical Piston (click on photo for larger image)
Oil Burning Boiler

The Walking Beam Engine

Eureka's tall "walking beam" is the last working example of an engine-type once common on America's waterways. Manufactured by Fulton Iron Works of San Francisco, this engine remains unaltered to this day.

Oil was burned in boilers to produce the steam, which drove a huge, vertical piston. Perched atop the engine, the walking beam changed this up-and-down motion into rotary motion via a connecting rod linked directly to the paddlewheel shaft.

The twin paddlewheels (each twenty-seven feet in diameter) made twenty-four revolutions per minute.

Click photo for larger image Ferry seating (click photo for larger image)
Overall length 299.5 feet
Extreme Width 78 feet
Gross tonnage 2420
Horsepower 1500
Passengers 2300
Automobiles 120

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